Instagram collection #3

It’s been a while since I updated shared some of my latest Instagram offerings. Again, these are all from photos taken with the iPhone 4S, which is my point-and-shoot camera of choice purely for the fact it’s always with me.

Hard Rock Calling

Cloudy sunrise from the train

Shortcut under the hospital Northamptonshire countryside Flooding near Wolverton Lincoln Monmouth Coffee, Borough market Pier onto the Thames near Gabriel's Wharf The Shard, on its Inauguration day Stormy weather at Pitsford Autumnal views from the train Summer ploughing By the Grand Union Canal From Lincoln Castle in October Winter. Meeting room view


3 thoughts on “Instagram collection #3

  1. As someone who knows nothing about photography I love Instagram posts as point and shoot is a lot more my level. I really like your city pictures, especailly the one of The Shard. It is a lovely building and a lovely angle to shoot it at. The countryside ones look like the old oil paintings you see on Antiques Roadshow and work really well next to the city pictures, juxtaposing them (ohh artsy word!) really well.

    Love them!

    • Hark at you with your ‘juxtaposing’! Anyone would think you were a writer or something… Thank you though, I love Instagram as a low-maintenance, easy way of producing nice photos and I’m glad someone other than me likes them too!

  2. I really love the cathedral shot, the coffee shop shot, and the shot of the jetty on the South Bank (assuming that’s where I’m thinking it is). Those look completely traditional and look, like the countryside shots that are brilliant too, much like oil paintings (the shot before the cathedral is almost indistinguishable from an oil painting. That isn’t a shot of an oil painting, is it?). My favourite shot of this batch, however, is the one you call ‘iStormy’. The textures are great and it’s really nicely composed. I also think I’m obliged to like the final image, as I’ve taken a very similar shot of the same scene.

    I don’t often get shots like this with Instagram. Whenever I’m out and about in the country (I say that like it happens often) I’ve usually got my DSLR on me, and my iPhone, and with it Instagram, will stay in my pocket. I always seem to default to the better camera I have on me and forget about any other; I need to start using them in tandem more often!

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