Autumn in the garden

In an effort to be more timely than I have recently (hello, 3 months of silence & belated posting), I thought I would share some photos from our garden recently. Autumn – in fact, winter now – is definitely upon us and there have been a good few days of blue skies and impressive colours. This has also been good for getting the new-ish macro lens out, although I am dependent on it not being too windy. It’s bad enough that I have to carefully time a macro shot as per my own, apparently in-built, sway, without Mother Nature joining in the game.

However, when she did make anĀ appearanceĀ in bird-form, the 70-300mm lens was more appropriate.

300mm, 1/400 sec, f/8.0, ISO 1600

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Stage photography

Last week I decided to take the opportunity to have a go at some photos of dance. This was an annual performance produced by a society who encompass all kinds of dance, and squeeze about 25 different numbers into one show across three nights, with rehearsals in the days preceding – which is when I flitted about with the camera. There were a LOT of photos from this, so I have selected some of the more interesting ones to show within the text then posted a gallery at the bottom with all the images that came out.

Taking photos of stage performances under very different levels and kinds of light than we would otherwise encounter in daily life is an interesting challenge. I have done a small amount before, but it was some years ago now and with less knowledge and more Auto. This time I had a few ideas in mind that I wanted to try and achieve, and I felt more confident about taking photos of people performing.








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