Instagram collection #3

It’s been a while since I updated shared some of my latest Instagram offerings. Again, these are all from photos taken with the iPhone 4S, which is my point-and-shoot camera of choice purely for the fact it’s always with me.

Hard Rock Calling

Cloudy sunrise from the train

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Italy – Instagram

So comes the last of my posts on our Italian holiday. This is a collection of the shots I took with Instagram whilst there, which were subsequently shared once I was back in the UK (boo roaming data charges, boo). I’ve recently – yesterday, in fact – ordered some prints from Instagram. I’m intrigued to see how they come out, as I think by their Polaroid-style nature they lend themselves well to the idea of, gasp, actual real-world photos that you can touch and hold. A review post may follow once I receive them.

Instagram Collection #2

I felt it was time I broke up some of these posts with another blast of Instagram shots. Although I occassionally share some SLR photos through Instagram, these are all taken purely on the iPhone 4S. A couple have been run through a handy little app called Frametastic.
















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I am a big fan of the iphone. Not enough to do the insane queueing business, or to pay completely through the nose. And I didn’t get on the bandwagon until the 3GS (I now have a 4S, applying my own rule about skipping every other generation). I wouldn’t be without it now, and one of the reasons is the camera. I love the fact that the iphone now means I always have a camera on me, and a camera that is capable of producing something more than a pixelated grey blur. One of several reasons I upgraded my DSLR was because I realised my phone had more megapixels than my ‘proper’ camera – think how ridiculous a thought that would have been only a few years ago.

On top of the camera, there’s also the pleasure (and occasional pain) of many photographic apps. My collection of these runs to 8 at present, although being honest I really only use two or three on any kind of regular basis. But my absolute favourite is Instagram. This allows you to import previously taken photos, apply a filter and then share it. Fairly basic in many ways, but a simple idea that works very well combined with some really good filters. Collected below are some of my Instagram photos.